Hey guys I’m Sophia! I would like to officially welcome you to my new venture as a design blogger at Studio Sophia. I’ve been a design enthusiast since birth and I am an Architect and Interior Designer by trade based on the beautiful island of Cyprus.

On a daily, I come across multiple design dilemmas varying from interior decoration to architectural forms and spatial functions turning me into a constant inspiration and design seeker. By being an organizing freak I decided I need space (aka the blog) to gather all sorts of inspiration and use it as a motivation to get even more inspired and possibly inspire you.

To give you a glimpse of my vision, the blog posts will vary from personal work, topics of interest as well as online projects that I find aesthetically pleasing and will be a good addition to the inspiration list.

Until I set my content be patient, this will be my little fun experimentation project. I have no ideas what this blog will end up being but design in any shape of form is my life and my identity so tag along and let’s have a wonderful design ride.

Feel free to email me your comments, inquiries, ideas, or just to say hi. 

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