Rustic holiday residence

Usually, by this month, I would already have booked the tickets and planned all the activities for the August holidays. Unfortunately, the scheduled flights I had got canceled as well as the organization of a more extensive oversea trip 🙁  damn you Corona Virus! Browsing through holiday vacations, I saw this rustic holiday house at Majorca by Moredesign, and I thought it was a great project to showcase for its natural feeling promoting slow living and carefree days. To me, this is a fantastic mixture of summer vacation, including the sea as well as the mountain trees….and pool for a day you want to chill at home 😛 . The whole rustic vibe with beige tones stone and wooden elements is the best combination able to relax anyone and take your mind away from the everyday problems.

Since we are not traveling abroad this summer, I was thinking of having a dedicated post to the last year’s holidays in Bali? Would you be interested in seeing it?

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