Apartment renovation in Paris.

Browsing through the online interior design world, I saw Ramys Fischlers project that reminded me of a romantic story of ‘death and life’. The first word that popped into my mind was drama! This is an apartment in Paris that is part of a large listed building on Place de Columbie renovated with an elegant sensitivity between the existing structure and the new interventions.  

It is almost as if the designer was in a white room holding a magic wand and when he was touching the area of interest it was magically getting colored and coming to life! It is obvious that the RF Studio was not interested in substracting the former identity of the space and they were really interested in marking what was already there.  The use of white paint as a white veil over all the surfaces, walls, mirrors, light fixtures, etc, denotes the old design and the rest of the colord areas clearly show what is new. The combination of traditional elements and new contemporary furnishing elevates the project to a new era of life with a new and unique identity.


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