Bedroom styleboard featuring H&M Home

For my Cyprus audience did you know that the H&M brand has a Home section? Unfortunately in Cyprus, the store does not carry the Home section but you can find whatever you need online. Thank God for the digital world it makes life easier in regard to interior styling. Below you can see a styleboard focusing on a bedroom project. You can find all the links for the selected items under the board. Would you be interested in seeing more styleboards like this? Comment below and I will make it happen 🙂 

1. Cotton satin duvet cover set (79,99 € + ) 2. Wooden hand mirror (14,99 € ) 3. Tall vase with a motif (24,99 € )  4. Large glass vase (24,99 € ) 5. Eye-shaped mirror (24,99 €) 6.  Scented candle in glass holder  (7,99 € ) 7. Porcelain soap dish  (2,99 € ) 8. Laundry bag (14,99 € ) 9. Porcelain plant pot (14,99 € )


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