Tips for a bohemian apartment

During the last day of summer and in a chill airconditioned living room, I found this beautiful bohemian inspired apartment by Alina Gordienko and I thought this is an excellent topic since the boho style took over the internet for a while now.

It is important when you create a bohemian atmosphere to have a neutral base such as white walls or any other neutral soft base.

Select multiple items in earth tones and have in mind that you don’t need to design the whole space at once but rather take your time to build your personalized collection of things that matter to you.

Combine picture frames as well as any other wall decor on the same wall and in simple words experiment! Various textures create visual interest and spatial warmth.

Carpets, curtains, and in general textile textures can tight up the whole composition together.


Last but not least plants! Invest in some indoor plants such as the now popular monstera or any type of indoor plants you can find at your local florist shop.

Keep these tips in mind and apply them next time you want to have a bohemian inspired apartment or room! 

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