Bisma Eight

Breton Brut

Hello from Indonesia! I have been waiting for the divine moment where I would step my foot in this place since I’ve booked my tickets to Bali. Here I am at Bisma Eight in Ubud. A gorgeous modernistic brutalist structure and at the same time traditional boutique hotel!!!

Arte Architect & Associates and the interior design team of Fuur Associates came into collaboration for the completion of this project. It is a dream site where the building is developed into the Balinese jungle evoking a strong connection between people and nature. Even though modern materials such as fair-faced walls are in contrast with the traditional locally crafted elements, the materials coexist harmoniously.

The spatial transition from the interior of each room to the exterior is an effortless motion, and you feel like you belong. You can enjoy the garden view just by laying and relaxing on the bed or by sitting in the living room. The adjoining bathroom stores a fantastic element, a Japanese hot tub! For sure I am using that!:D The pleasant warmth created by the wood selection and the light design as well as the cool tones of the concrete surfaces and the frames nature outside complete this delightful experience.

Photo ©  Breton Brut

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