Christmas home decoration

It’s finally Christmas! If you can’t tell this is my favorite holiday all year round! I really love the lights, the atmosphere, the festive decore and the multiple styles that a house can change according to the owner’s taste. I really wished I could share with you my own home decoration but unfortunately living in a one-bedroom apartment you have to get creative with Christmas decoration. This year my tree is a plant. 😛

Next year I wish to be able to make my dream Christmas decor list below a reality. Fingures crossed for a bigger house!
Real tree or not I’m a fan of green trees with some colorful ornaments. (Left to right 1,2)My family’s dinner gathering at my parents’ home on Christmas day is a tradition I would love to carry on for many years to come in my future home. (Left to right 1,2)
With food and some more food. (Left to right 1,2)    
The day is not complete if you skip the sugary treats. Who could say no to some sweets during the winter season and especially on Christmas day? Guilty as charged! (Left to right 1,2)    I was lucky to grow up with a fireplace at my family’s home and I always have a warm memory of the nights that my parents and brother gathered around it to chat, watch tv and cook some chestnuts in the fireplace. Ahhhh the memories! (Left to right 1,2)

Only a true Christmas lover would do that and I am not sure if I am at that level yet but, look how nice this bedroom looks all festive and inviting!  (Left to right 1,2)    And last but not least…..Wreaths became a synonym with Christmas. The latest trend is large over the top wreaths, half the size of a human :P. They are grand and gorgeous (1,2)

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