Moodboard 6/2019

Mood (clockwise): 12345678

  1. Are you bored with your existing tree ornaments? Are you up to a Christmas DIY? Take your old ornaments and dip them into the paint. Instant ornament rebirth!
  2. Merry pine garland by Amy. Check her blog Homey Oh My for more DIY inspo.
  3. I was always a fireplace lover and especially during the Christmas season is the best gathering place in the house.  How to make your fireplace festive? Well, few ornamented pine garlands, candles, and mirrors are elements you could use.
  4. Are you tired of setting up your Christmas tree? Well, you don’t have to! Place some pine branches in a vase and voila! Simple, elegant and easy.
  5. This image could not describe better a minimal Christmas tree decoration. I may say the floating tree is mind-blowing!
  6. Does anyone smell cookies?! I am drooling by just looking at this cute ginger houses by Elisabeth Dunker. After all, it’s not Christmas if you don’t get some sugar in! 🙂
  7. This wreath by Sarah Nixon posted on The Marion House Book is so elegant and a must item for Christmas decoration. I need to make one!
  8. Velvet is one of my favorite fabrics and especially colored velvet oh my god I could look at it for ages. Velvet blouses are a must for this season!



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