Urban soul project

Like the name of the design brand behind it, this is an apartment with an urban soul, by the  Urban Soul Project. Who could imagine that this airy apartment is located in downtown Thessaloniki, Greece in a listed building dating back to the 30’s? The smart use of glass instead of walls allows for maximum natural light penetration throughout the whole apartment. The transparent dividers even though they are clear, they form spatial boundaries dividing the rooms but in actuality visually connecting all the spaces and people using the apartment.  The curve concept grabbed my attention and it’s visible throughout the project. The curves at first glance are spotted on the floor creating visual and physical direction within the whole floor plan but I must admit that my favorite room is the gorgeous bathroom with a curved wall and the use of green Greek marble. I also loved the use of mixed color terrazzo. In a similar language the kitchen cabinet design, the bathroom, the multiple light fixtures used and the selected decoration items follow the same curve philosophy. This is a very well thought project with a playful contemporary touch and a romantic aesthetic.



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