Tiny minimal house

I though Cyprus was not a tropical island but the weather changes we are excperinecing are inscane! From boiling hot August temperatures to Autumn winds you never know what you will get next week. So last weekend we head up to our small house at the mountains, instaid of the beach due to the forcussed cloudy weather, hens this post was inspired 🙂 .  I thought this week’s topic would be a tiny holiday residence—the Tiny House by Aranza de Ariño in Mexico. Built on a hill and overlooking the ocean, this house is made out of concrete (one of my favorite materials), and it’s closed off with wooden shutters. The lack of windows it’s something that I might have a fear off just by thinking my luck with multiple insects, but it would worth the experience, I guess…maybe 😛  The interior of the house follows the same minimal philosophy of an open plan where the bedroom it’s at the top level, and there are no extra structural elements in the house except from the giant kitchen island expanding from the interior of the house to the exterior veranda and of course the pool. After all, you don’t need much to enjoy a peaceful minimal weekend in nature, do you? Just pack light!

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