Walk-in closet renovation by Studio Sophia

In a previous post, I referred to the struggles of putting together some projects during the pandemic, aka lockdown. Today I am posting about one of the projects that were stack during that period, and even though it was a lot of hustle to get it together under the circumstances, the feeling of success once the project was officially complete with a pleased client, is out of this world.

As you figured out by now, the task in hand was the design of a functional walk-in closet able to cover the owners’ needs and wants. The new wardrobe followed the pre-existing arc shape of the floor, avoiding any spatial loss, and the addition of a new large counter with a lot of storage at the center of the room. The third designed element of the space is the custom made makeup vanity with lighting access at the back of the furniture. The pre-existing warm-colored wooden parquet floor was maintained, and the whole design followed a minimal elegant line with the use of white as a base, gold, and stone/marble details on the handles. By installing the new lighting, the project came to life! The carpenter team, as well as the lighting team, were terrific, especially during these complicated working conditions.  I love how it turned out, and I hope you like it too!

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