Courtyard bliss

I grew up in an ordinary suburban house with a yard, a lot of trees and flowers. Now I live in a one-bedroom apartment, and with the forced enclosure due to the pandemic, I would love to have more space and an outdoor area. Even though I love my apartment and it has everything I necessarily need, I find it extremely difficult to store new things (it’s a real game of Tetris in every counter and closet). It’s especially challenging when I want to stretch during a yoga pose, and I consistently hit on walls, the kitchens island, and any movable furniture in the space. Can I have a courtyard, please?! Like now!? My dream courtyard has a pool, a small garden, enough free area for sunbathing, and working out outdoors, and it’s enclosed, my little private paradise. I found all these attributes with a lot of character in a small restoration project by  Punto Arquitectónico. The Xolotl House is a small dream on earth checking all the boxes, and its materiality alludes to a spa-like vibe. The highlight for me is the hammock cleverly placed in the pool; I bet I could reach 150% zen mode just by chilling in that red fabric of joy. What is your ideal quarantine setting? Comment below, I would be interested in finding out!

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