The Sculptor’s Residence

Being part of a surreal reality at the moment and trying to cope with self-quarantine at home, I was scrolling through the internet in a quest to find the perfect home that I would love to isolate in! The staged apartment by Norm Architects in collaboration with  Dux and Menu created an eclectic apartment as part of Stockholm Design Week. This is the Sculptor’s Residence, the perfect home and artist atelier. Spanning in four rooms, we can see a living room with elegant pieces such as the tan-beige sofa and the light brown sofas, an office space with various scattered art-related items on top of a slim structured office, a dining room with a marble table and a bedroom. My favorite place of them all is the bedroom with the mesmerizing wooden detailed ceiling. Various scrolls of paper and canvases spread throughout the apartment, along with other marble artistic pieces create the lifestyle of the owner. At the moment, I wouldn’t mind merging my self in art in this studio!

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