Guest House Renovation

Photo © José Hevia.

Have you ever heard of a small Spanish town Villalba de Los Barros? I was so glad to stumble upon this renovated residential project located there by Lucas y Hernández-Gil. By retaining its architectural heritage but at the same time offering a taste of contemporary hospitality, this former house transformed into a guest house.

Casa VB retains its elegance with minimum architectural interventions showcasing its most impressive features such as the groined vaults located at every room at the ground floor. The groined vaults rendered in white lime mortal and some case decorated with floral composition. In contrast, the walls have an ochre hue making the rooms look grander and airy while at the same time grounded by the walls colour and the earthy floor tiling. For the tile work, local potters were hired to recreate the original earthy aesthetic. The new tiles were layered diagonally declaring the latest additions and maintaining the buildings rustic character but at the same time offering a contemporary feel in the space.

In the living room, red vibrant gloss ceramics create an exciting accent in the room. In the kitchen, the mint colour on the window shutters and the beautifully crafted double doors emit freshness. The use of minimal furniture makes each room ‘speak’ to the user through its beauty in craftsmanship detail and poetry of space.

Photo © José Hevia.


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