Minimal custom made tv unit

On this blog post, I would like to share with you another project by Studio Sophia. For this project, the client’s main concern was the redesign of one of the essential spatial furniture in every house, the tv unit. The main request was to design a furniture that could host the tv as well as double as a storage unit. Having these two parameters in mind, I created a structure where the storage cupboards are shaping the base with hidden handles, and its all colored grey. The top carved part of the unit hosts the recessed tv. The unit’s height kept at the height of the window creates a spatial visual balance. The vertical wooden elements at the back of the wall hide the 5 cm structural protrusion of the beam. At the furniture top surface, a LED string is spanning from the top to the right side, vertically creating a light ambiance within the living room. The left side is used as a shelving area where multiple items can be placed as a display. Creating this small project is an enjoyable task, and I can’t wait for more projects like this. Keep following the blog, and the finished product will be published once completed.

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